It took three weeks too long.

I am writing you, as I wish I had your service here in Toronto. I wanted to share my story as I thought it would resonate with other people that are considering The Car Butler Service.

I own a business now for over four years and I travel quite a bit with my car to meet clients. One day I took my new Acura RDX SUV to a local car wash and the rear wiper blade arm got ripped off my car. Sure it was upsetting, but the thing that made me the most upset was the fact that I thought it would be an easy process to get a new arm put on my car. As I am a busy person, I thought I would first go to Canadian Tire to see if they have it. After realizing they don’t sell it, I went to the next big box store and still no luck.

I ended up driving around for a few weeks without the wiper blade arm on my new car because I had to take care of work and meet clients and simply could not find the time to go to the dealership to get it taken care of. During the three weeks, it also dawned on me that I needed to get an oil change for the car as well. With zero time, I had to focus on work and was unable to service the car or get the blade arm put on the vehicle.

Finally, after a while and the lights turning on in my car to notify me of service, I ended up booking an appointment. I had to reschedule my work items to enable the time to get to the dealership for the oil change and when I arrived, I found out that they needed a minimum of one hour to change the oil and that the wiper blade arm would be a special order which would arrive 3 days later.

As you can imagine, I was quite frustrated, but I didn’t have an option. I waited in their waiting room which was terrible and uncomfortable like a fool and once it was done I continued on my way. As I thought the end was near, I realized I now had to schedule a time to go get the wiper blade arm another day. It’s not like the dealership is below my office, so I had to go back and pick it up a when i had time. This ended up being another 6 days after the part had come in.

The reason I tell this story is that I can only imagine how much time you save with your service for people in Vancouver. If you ever expand to Ontario, I will be your first customer. Guaranteed!

James Saunders