How is time wasted?

Time is wasted in various & obvious ways:  unplanned meetings, going to the coffee shop to play philosophy or watching mind-numbing TV.

I’m not advocating that you should not relax or catch up with friends. But for top performers, their work is relaxing and creates friends associated with their favorite activities.

The question to ask before going into the meeting should be: “What is the purpose of this meeting?”  If there is no agenda, decline the invitation.

Before going to the coffee shop the question to be asked should be: “Do I really want to spend an hour with this person?”  If yes, then you are increasing good will, growing a friendship and you never know when & how that will pay dividends.

While watching TV, one can ask:  “Does this add value to my life?”   If no, what else could you be doing?  If this is a passion, I just hope that you are a TV critic to make a living at it.